“The improvement of the understanding is for two ends; first, for our own increase of knowledge; secondly, to enable us to deliver and make out that knowledge to others.”
― John Locke

AssessmentsAssessing a wide range of presenting difficulties for children, youth and adults is a core aspect of the services offered by LifeCo Psychology Ltd. 

Assessments draw upon the engagement skills of the Psychologist, along with the clinical research evidence and technical procedures employed (such as psychometric measures). All assessments will be undertaken with the aim of producing an accurate formulation and recommending meaningful and helpful strategies for managing difficulties. Assessments can be a part of the first step for clients and offers support as follows: 

  • The term “Mental Health” covers a range of emotionally distressing difficulties that can lead to various levels of impairment in a person’s life. Assessments are typically conducted as a prerequisite to therapeutic interventions.
  • Assists with engage in therapeutic interventions offered by ACC and other agencies such as the Defence Force.
  • A psychological formulation is a structured approach to understanding the factors underlying distressing states in such a way that it informs the treatments that are offered for clients and identifies if changes in treatment may be needed.