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Gian CesconServices for sexual abuse, trauma, and challenging times…

One of the most important observations an individual or organization can observe in themselves is “Where is my attention?”……..“On What…?” When attention is repeatedly directed at something it forms its own special response pathways in the brain, so it can be responded to in a similar way in the future. Sometimes this is useful…..and sometimes it isn’t.

LifeCo Psychology Ltd provides a transpersonal process that enables you to redirect your attention and change the habits in thinking that keep you stuck and unable to move forward in your life, in whatever area. A number of combined  techniques (tailored to the individual) enable mental, emotional, spiritual,  and holistic development. Utilise therapeutic tools to remove emotional and physical blocks, heal trauma and victimhood, release old hurts and forgive, plan for the future, set goals and create a life of internal peace and happiness: success by your own standards.

We have all the resources we need inside us to do this, yet it is not a skill we are taught. Our Counselling Coaching and Psychological Services team work collaboratively with you to facilitate your healing and evolvement.